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2022 European TCML Conference in London UK

Thanks to the support of OCAC Taiwan and OCAC in the UK, we are having a 2022 European TCML Conference in London UK. It is our honour to invite 9 established TCML centres and 11 potential Chinese schools to our first European conference.

In the conference , there are 5 headteachers, from France, Ireland, England, Hungry and from Austria, 4 teachers from TCML and one senior officer from Taiwan to share their years of experience and teaching in different competence levels (beginner to advanced and for different purposes (from culture to marketing, training, and recruitment). I am so glad to see nearly 50 delegates coming from all over Europe to this conference, so many new faces, teachers and senior management team who are interested to open TCML. We all come with a passion! To provide a high-quality Mandarin Learning experience.

I look forward to meeting everyone.


為增進臺灣華語文學習中心歐洲地區教師對成人外語教學之瞭解,促進各學習中心負責人及教師間橫向交流聯繫,並提升臺灣華語文學習中心在歐洲主流社區之能見度。協助招生宣傳及鼓勵潛力僑校及儲備僑校踴躍申請設置學習中心,僑委會特別規劃辦理2022 年臺灣華語文學習中心教學研討會。



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