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  • From January 2024, the funding from OCAC Taiwan came to an end.

  • All adults' classes will be fee paid course. This give us more flexible on choosing different teaching materials.  We will start to provide course with both simplified and traditional characters in our program, We are still in a position to support our students to get scholarship studying in Taiwan universities and summer short Mandarin program provide by OCAC Taiwan.

  • All adults' classes are following Hua Hsia Chinese School calendar for total 33 weeks. 

School Calendar 2024-2025 provisional_Sheet1.png

Terms and conditions

1. ) The classes will be focused majorly on oracy (comprehension and speaking), with a very minor element dedicated to writing and reading. Writing and reading will be taught in the traditional character format, which is used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and many overseas Chinese communities.

2. ) There will be NO makeup lesson if you miss it. There will be pass mark 75% to issue the certificate upon completion.

  • Since we started the Adult Mandarin program, we have established classes tailored to various proficiency levels. If you already have some foundation in Mandarin, please contact us to find a class that matches your level. We offer both traditional and simplified Chinese characters, as well as practical speaking, conversation, and reading skills for daily use and travel.


What's the course about? 

This course is for Mandarin beginner learner (adults), it will help students achieve a good foundation, develop situational dialogues, pronunciation and reading writing simple Chinese characters. 

What will we cover? 

Greetings and introductions, numbers,

family, occupations, daily routine,

basic characters and PinYin. 

Do I need to buy any material? 

No, we will provide a free book which contains 30 chapters and we will choose 10 of the most useful to learn in this term, students are welcome to self-study the other 20 chapter. 


In this book there will be dialogue and explanations of new vocabulary, each chapter has some Chinese characters to practice writing. We also provide some worksheets for extra practice. 

Materials “ Speak Mandarin in Five Hundred Words”



Beginners Course 

- Total beginners. 

Materials “ Come to learn Mandarin ”

-Conversational course-

*Introduction to Chinese Pronunciation (Pinyin), Tones, and Greetings*

By the end of this term, you'll be able to introduce yourself in Mandarin, including your name, age, nationality, family, and hobbies.


This is an annual course , 3 terms,

for total 33 weeks.

Materials “ Contemporary Chinese”

Published by Mandarin Training Center of National Taiwan Normal University , student can either order a physical book or purchase an learning App.

We target 10 themes related to daily life, so you can easily plug in useful phrases and speak Mandarin naturally.The course includes listening, reading, speaking and writing Chinese characters. 

Target Learner

1. Any student with some Mandarin knowledge, has foundation of reading more than 100 Chinese characters and writing more than 50 Chinese characters.


2. Any one who has learned Mandarin for more than a year, able to talk the topic of yourself, travel experience, like and dislike, food and drink, hobbies.

  • Hampstead branch Saturday and Sunday afternoon We also offer online course on Monday and Tuesday 18.30-20.30 Please contact for available time and spaces.  We normally keep a waiting list for enquiry. 

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