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  • We target 10 themes related to daily life, so you can easily plug in useful phrases and speak Mandarin naturally.

  • The course includes live lessons for 2 hours per week, one hour online, including video clip for 10 units, along with 3 live chat sessions for maximum immersion.

Terms and conditions

1. ) Refundable deposit: The course is free but we required a fully refundable £50 deposit to join the course, which will be refunded on completion of the course if you have attended at least 10 of the 12 weekend sessions and completed at least 10 of the online assessments.

2. ) The classes will be focused majorly on oracy (comprehension and speaking), with a very minor element dedicated to writing and reading. Writing and reading will be taught in the traditional character format, which is used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and many overseas Chinese communities.

3. ) There will be NO makeup lesson if you miss it. There will be pass mark 75% to issue the certificate upon completion.


What's the course about? 

This course is for Mandarin beginner learner (adults), it will help students achieve a good foundation, develop situational dialogues, pronunciation and reading writing simple Chinese characters. 

What will we cover? 

Greetings and introductions, numbers,

family, occupations, daily routine,

basic characters and PinYin. 

Do I need to buy any material? 

No, we will provide a free book which contains 30 chapters and we will choose 10 of the most useful to learn in this term, students are welcome to self-study the other 20 chapter. 


In this book there will be dialogue and explanations of new vocabulary, each chapter has some Chinese characters to practice writing. We also provide some worksheets for extra practice. 

Materials “ Speak Mandarin in Five Hundred Words”



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