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New school fees announcment

Dear students,


On the 19th February , we have received news from OCAC Taiwan that they will be withdrawing their funding from 2024. This is not a reflection on our highly acclaimed program but a matter of the funding coming to a natural end. Therefore courses will no longer be subsidised, and in order to keep the courses operational, we must increase the school fee from the summer term 2024.  I understand this might be a shock, so please to accept our apologies.


The new school fees from April 2024 prices are as follows: 

£240.00 for the summer term (12 weeks) which equates to £20.00 per lesson.

£180.00 for online class (12 weeks) which is £15.00 per lesson.  We need a minimum of 6 students. 


We appreciate every student's contribution and participation in the class. We hope we can continue to offer the courses to all of you.


With best wishes,



Katja Ting 

Head Teacher 

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